Friday, December 09, 2011


In these interesting as well as disturbing times, it could be in order for the Filipinos in particular, to know or recall, to remember or observe the following objective realities about the nature and implications of justice:

Justice is for everyone or for nobody at all. Perfect! Justice knows no party. Great! Justice is the only response to injustice. Right! Selective justice is injustice, in the last analysis. Correct!

Justice, however, does not include cruelty. Even justice accepts compassion. Justice neither promotes ridicule. Even justice respects human dignity. Justice, too, bows to human rights such as those to life and liberty.

Justice is geared for the finding of facts - not for the satisfaction of personal vindictiveness. Justice is ordered for the quest for peace - not for the demonstration of personal pride.

There is that consecrated saying: "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you." This is not simply an ethical norm nor a merely moral principle. It is the dictate of both common sense and practical reason.

There was that revered man who loves people much and served people well. He said that, "If people would follow the rule of "An eye for an eye. And a tooth for a tooth," then many would be eventually toothless and blind.

In the concrete GMA celebrated case, the reactions of people thereto, can fall into any of the following three categories: Those who look at it with celebratory hatred in their hearts. Those who see it with taunting laughs in their faces. Those who feel pity in their hearts. Hatred has no place in a civilized society. Laughter is uncalled for in cases of suffering and pain. Pity is an element of the humanity of man to fellow humans.

Whatever happens to the GMA case in terms of one accusation after another, of consequent arrest and confinement/imprisonment, it might be good for all those concerned to take into account the following realities: One, it is common knowledge that she got involved in a good number of perceived shadowy dealing and dubious trading. Two, while still presumed innocent until proven guilty, there is the probability that she will be convicted in due time via an equitable trial. Three, it is wherefore the dictate of but elementary reason to see to it that she should progressively get well from her sickness so that when so adjudged as guilty in any penal case, she would be able to squarely face and live the punishment imposed by justice as provided by law.