Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Why not? What's wrong? Is it silly? After all, the greeting is not identified with bullets that kill and/or with firecrackers that dismember children and adults. Neither is the greeting simply meant to say something without however really meaning it. Nor should it merely bring to mind the promises to be made and to be readily broken thereafter. Then, what is so great about a "New Year"? What makes it "Happy"? Why say an empty salutation? Why not just stay still, keep quiet?

Happy New Year! This means there is still time to make oneself just and upright, to undergo conversion from practicing vice to cultivating virtue. By the way, the saying commonly heard that "Time is gold!" is in reality a falsity. All the gold in the world cannot buy but one minute of time. In other words, time is definitely very much more precious than gold. Ask the wealthy who are fatally sick, ask the powerful at the brink of death. A New Year exactly means the grant of more time to all time-bound beings, all humans well included.

Happy New Year! This means there is still hope for a brighter tomorrow, for lighter sorrows, for better living. Would that there be less murderers and thieves. Would that national as well as local public officials dutifully fulfill their mandate of public service. Would that in the year ahead, truth and justice, peace and developments become a composite reality in the Country. Let it be said that hopelessness is self-defeatism just as despair destroys all meanings of the present as well as all expectations in the future. Desperation is a cruel dehumanizing experience.

Happy New Year! This means there is still life ahead. A man has the chance to become a better husband and father. A woman in turn has the opportunity to become a better wife and mother. And young people get the occasion to behave better, to learn more, to grow in wisdom and age. An individual could be great and admirable, promising and enviable. But death evens up everything. It is called the "Great Equalizer." But this unwelcome thought gives in precisely to the coming of a New Year.

Time is irreversible. Hope is invaluable. Life is irreplaceable.