Monday, December 12, 2011


Time and again, it has been pointed out - with big disgust and genuine embarrassment - that the government under rule of the present Chief Executive, has shamefully become the biggest gambler in the Country. This is by reason of the glaring fact that exactly the same supreme public official has placed both PAGCOR and PCSO directly under his office as GOCCs -- with but strictly staff functions. PCSO is now also a well-known gambling government entity on account of Lotto in many variations and STL, not to mention its plan to eventually launch the so called "Loteria ng Bayan."

The truth is that just no one goes to PAGCOR for purposes of generosity or charity, so too no one patronizes PCSO merely to help the poor and the sick. The on-the-ground reality is that when these gambling establishments build schools, finances hospitalizations and the like - with loud and repeated media releases - all these gimmicks are but means to deodorize their rapacious intent and covetous finality, at the cost of gullible gamblers. The fact is that there are even organizations with otherwise noble nature and laudable objective, that have been hooked in accepting vile and tainted "donations/contributions" from these gambling agencies - as if the end justifies the means.

There was a time when even a dictator deemed it proper to have the PAGCOR Casino placed in a distant shore of Manila Bay, in order to regulate its clientele in terms of nationality and financial capacity. Then came no less than considered heroic lady President who had the gambling enterprise make a landing in Philippine soil. The end-result of such an unholy option is living history: PAGCOR Casinos are everywhere. One thing else: PAGCOR Casinos are now in no less than three forms: The "O" (on the ground) Casino. The "E" (electronic Casino). The "U" (underground Casino based in the North).

By the way, it is good to note some of the following downright gambling forms peddled by PAGCOR: Bacarat. Black Jack. Craps. Faigow. EZ2. Genuine Pairs. Roulette. Slot Machines. Stud Poker. Etc. Etc. It cannot be wherefore said that the PAGCOR gambling menu is short of varieties and choices. One thing however is definite and defined: PAGCOR always wins at the end of the day. Meantime, its patrons develop gambling addiction, undermine their family security, engage in dishonesty in one form or another, and similar behavioral liabilities than undermine human dignity.

Those in the gambling industry say that since there are people who simply love to gamble, why not make gambling "legal" such as precisely in the case of the PHILIPPINE GAMBLING CORPORATION ("PAGCOR"). Following the same fatally flawed logic, then illegal drugs should also be legalized as there are people who love to have them. Prostitution of women and children should be likewise legalized as they are also people who enjoy patronizing the business. And so with other vices. MalacaƱang - WAKE UP!