Wednesday, November 02, 2011

May They Rest in Peace

It is said that the moment one is born, he or she already begins to die. While this is a rather depressing way in looking at life with its many attributions and potentials, it is however an undeniable truth that life after all is in fact a transit from birth to death. It is also said when someone dies, this is not news. Instead when someone does not die at all – yes, this is news. While such is the reality, it however still remains true that sorrow usually accompanies death – neither laughter nor rejoicing.

There are certain thoughts that come to mind with the above observations which are not only relevant and valuable but also realistic and practical for those still counted among living – particularly so for those subscribing to the Christian Faith that has, keeps, and promotes teachings about life and death according to faith and reason. For example:

Whereas it is certain that life does not really come from nothing in here and now – even but considering bilateral parental contribution that made it existent – it is even much more certain that it neither becomes nothing hereafter and beyond. This is surely something good to remember and necessary to consider especially by individuals who are so addicted to power, to wealth and/or to the flesh – having the lingering thought that their present world is everlasting. Time eventually comes when they realize that such a posture or yearning is but one big and moral fallacy – such as with the arrival of a fatal accident or a deadly sickness.

If life simply ends and merely disappears after death, then the following would be silly and sad respectively: The respect for the life and the rights of others –killing would be alright. The recognition of the possession of others – stealing would be in order. The love of family and neighbors- causing havoc in domestic communities would be non-issue. The value of ethics and morals in societal living – everybody could do what he or she wants, period. The concern for public welfare and common good – the issue of public service would be nonsense. The quest for truth, justice and peace – the bigger the lie, the injustice and the conflict, the better.

For those who are realistic, especially so when they subscribe to everlasting life after this practically vicious and heartless world, the advent of death is but right and just. Otherwise, there would be no end to the following. The reign of the ruthless over the common people. The rule of the wealthy over the poor and the hungry. The dominion of criminals among the innocent and the helpless. The inhumanity of man to man – such as in terms of violation of women and children, the oppression of the weak and the miserable.

Yes, there is life after death. And to the dead – fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and benefactors and everybody else: May they rest in peace.