Monday, November 28, 2011

Four-corner Fight

Realistically said, the boxing ring has four corners that keep but two boxers within the reach of one another for only one over-all purpose, viz. for them to pound each other, to draw blood from one another and more desirable, to knock down one or the other as a demonstration of fighting acumen, pugilistic tactic and stamina. Figuratively noted however, there is now an on-going four-corner fight-match in full public view with no less than four principal protagonists in the boxing arena. Presenting the gladiators: One, the Office of the President of the Philippines and his KKK. Two, the Chief of Justice of the Philippines and the Justices of the Supreme Court. Three, the past President of the Philippines and her admirers plus protectors. Four, the people of the Philippines, their common good and public welfare.

There is definitely something wrong with and disturbing about the latter picture. The Philippines as a whole is no less than four times involved in one and the same four-corner fight. It then becomes a moral impossibility for the Philippines to be the winner in the combat which can become sordid, cruel and ultimately mortal - whichever way the fight goes. There is however one composite causal factor behind the now avidly and on-going and probably prolonged national in-fighting: It all started by the flashy obsession of the President to persecute/prosecute his Predecessor. This was followed by his flamboyant venture to create a so called "Truth commission." This otherwise celebrated design was unceremoniously shot down by the Chief Justice as something unconstitutional. Then came the propitious occasion to trample upon the ailing and hurting former President. Finally, the Filipinos are thus being more and more sadly divided, i.e., those who worship the present President and those who remain loyal to the former President. The battle is wherefore joined.

Just for the record, the father himself of the ruling President was allowed to go abroad for medical attention. Just for the record too, the father of Martial Law was tolerated to go abroad for medical treatment. Just for the record finally, the former President however was unceremoniously barred from going abroad for medical care. In the same vein, just for the record, a complaint is now lodged against the former President for election fraud in 2007. And there is now also the record to show that a fraud was also present on the occasion of the 2010 election of the present President. Basis: The confused and confusing use of the infamous PCOS machines provided by the foreign enigmatic SMARTMATIC.

One thing is already certain as of this writing: Presenting the big ultimate loser in the now on-going four-cornen fight - the People of the Philippines! What's new?