Monday, November 21, 2011

Anti-population Administration

Problem: There is pervasive poverty and consequent lack of food, shelter and clothing. There are more and more protests from more and more sectors of society. There are more and more criminality not only in the streets but also in private residences. Cause: Population -- according to the present administration. Solution: Do away with population, promote contraception, get rid of children - according to the same administration.

Annoyance: More mouths to feed, to clothe and to house, more people to complain and lament, more and more individuals registering their dissent and criticisms, all brought about by population. Conclusion: Populations is the culprit behind all the sad local socio-economic adversities and political disturbance - according to the incumbent administration. Resolution: Do away with maternity, stop baby-making, curtail population - according to the same administration.

Phenomenon: There was then that man who proudly sired practically a whole barrio of children from different women. There is that second rate politician wallowing in money and wielding a lot of influence, who fathered so many children from so many ladies. And there is another known popular political figure who made on woman after another bore his children here and there. Response: There is no law against that - according to the ruling administration. Resolve: The RH Bill should be instead passed - according to the same administration.

It cannot be said that the Malacañang tenant is not doing anything to remedy the scarcity of work in the Country, to respond to the misery of laborers in attempting to support their families through their meager salaries. Precisely, the same Malacañang occupant is so busy making this and that trip to meet these and those foreign business moguls to make local investments. Never mind if the Philippines operates a hideous and odious airport. Never mind if the Philippines is considered as one of the worst places to conduct business.

The "Inconvenient Truth" is that there is something in the national leadership that remains enigmatic and questionable. It started with catchy statements and impressive maxims. There is affluence in talks but scarcity of deeds. But to this date, its competence remains unproven. In the same way, there is much speculation about its diligence or industry. After some two years of tenure and exercise of governance, while it made itself known for pompously going after the big crooks in the previous administration, not one of them however is behind bard to this date.

Meantime, the centerpiece of the government agenda is population control!