Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Social Dissent. Social Unrest. Social Uprising.

"Social Dissent" comes to fore when more and more people not only feel but actually experience dissatisfaction with the way socio-economic agenda are likewise more and more mishandled by the public officials concerned. Unless they come to know and appreciate a notable reversal thereof in their empirical day to day life, the said popular dissent develops into "Social Unrest" with the whole government considered as its main culprit. And when this in turn is not effectively attended to and accordingly neutralized, what happens next is "Social Uprising" that is usually focused against the national leadership in particular - a social phenomenon blatantly called "Revolution" by others.

Sad to say, it is quite noticeable that there already now appears a "Social Dissent" building up in the Country by reason of discontent on the part of various sectors of society. In fact, it is not altogether untrue that some kind of "Social Unrest" is slowly seeping into the rank and file of the government hierarchy. And unless attended to fast and satisfactorily, then "Social Uprising" comes as a matter of course. Would that all these observations were but gossip and/or rubbish. Would that the Filipino were by and large enjoying socio-economic sufficiency. And would that there were peace and order in all regions of the country.

There is one thing certain. It can be said without reserve that the Filipinos are definitely neither ignorant nor inexperienced about the progressive social phenomenon of their own dissent, unrest and uprising. And this is not only having Mindanao in mind but the Country as a whole. The truth is that the said three-point gradual reality has already been much and well experienced nationwide as recorded in Philippine History -- not once but twice world acclaimed.

Persistent and insistent direct taxation plus unforgiving and unrelenting indirect taxation from birth to death of every Filipino. Yet, there is the less and less public welfare seen and common good felt. Inflexible VAT imposed not only on fuel but also on toll use. Hence, bitter complaints of drivers and riders alike. Rising prices of basic commodities, merely subsistent salaries plus but contractual labor. Thus comes to fore the disgust and repugnance of labor, Power rates hike logically productive of big resentment of all households. Costly education and the ensuing students' angry demonstrations. Continuous graft and corruption, leaving the common to empty handed as usual. Destruction of the environment and wastage of natural resources on account of regulated mostly foreign business ventures. Wherefore, the anger and denouncements by the natives concerned unabated culture of criminality and promotion of vicious systems, bringing about the rightful disgust and fear of the citizens.

Would that all of the above realities where but one big bad dream. Would that they were simply fruits of puerile imagination and irresponsible reaction. Would that Malaca├▒ang in particular could have the competence and would cultivate the industry to reverse them all.