Friday, October 14, 2011


First, it was "Horse Power" as some kind of a measure of the pulling strength of an animal. Then it became "Fire Power" with reference to the destructive force of implements of war. Thereafter, there came to fore the famous "People Power" as an empirical proof of the sovereignty of citizens over their government leaders. Now, it is "Nuclear Power" that is the talk of the town - specially so after the devastating Japan Experience.

In other words, the need for power, the demand for energy, the need of fuel all rightful and serious preoccupations of a Country - specially so when the imperative of socio-economic development becomes a big concern. This is simply because in more ways than one, one kind of power or another is directly or indirectly necessary for the alleviation of poverty. The building of infrastructures, the promotion of industries, the production of common human necessities - all the these and more, require power.

Meantime, the Filipinos have been long since strongly and repeatedly complaining about the ever increasing price of power, specially that of electricity. The government in turn has consistently proven its incapacity to reduce the cost of energy that in effect would mean the consequent reduction of the price of every product made therewith. At the same time, big foreign monopolies have continuously made very lucrative business profits out of fuel importation and sale. And thus it is that "Philippines My Philippines" has remain stagnant in the ardent quest for a better life for Filipinos.

Back to "Nuclear Power": There is the well advertised and tempting Nuclear Power Plant long since built and just standing there in Bataan. Never mind if it all started with gross graft and corruption with still persisting adverse effect to Philippine economy as a whole. Never mind too if it has remained stagnant in its long since mothballed stage. Never mind as well if it will even require more public funds to refurbish and update it. And never mind, too, the recent Japanese nuclear nightmare.

Meantime, there is power from the sun that the Philippines is richly gifted with. There is power from the wind that the Country has much to contend with. There is also power from water that all regions nationwide is repeatedly flooded with. Furthermore, there is gas power in this and that part of the Country plus the untapped heat power of its many big and small volcanoes. This is not to mention the ingenious and creative power behind a good number of Filipino Inventors.

In other words, considering the reality of more frequent and stronger earthquakes plus consequent more huge and forceful ocean waves, it is good for Filipinos to think more and reason better if they really want nuclear power - as this will definitely have great impact on many generations coming after them.