Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make the Money of the People Work for Them

With neither rhyme or reason, Malacañang supposedly with the composite advise of a good number of close friends and chosen experts in practically all fields of socio-developmental agenda, takes great extra pride in making big "savings." Translation: Do not spend. Keep the people's money. Accumulate and set aside those direct and indirect taxes continuously collected, those manifold toll fees strictly exacted. Simply keep raking in the regular earnings from government bonds - together with those mandatory public social security entities. More. Be frugal with the billions regularly taken away from the pockets of unfortunate men and women through huge government owned and controlled gambling corporations.

In other words, Malacañang: Keep raking in public funds! But do not spend them! Have huge savings! And the people will sing your high praises and express their warm congratulations. They will jump for joy and shout "Mabuhay!" - with the thought that their government is so good, so thrifty, so rich. The people wherefore are supposed to clap their hands and sing loud for the wisdom and vision of their government. What an admirable officialdom! What a competent national leadership!

No. Public funds should not go to public pockets. The people's money should not be wasted on personal luxurious tastes nor for family expensive demands - much less, for wild and vicious private living of their supposed public servants. Both long past and more recent Philippine history is loaded with such debauchery perpetrated on public funds, and the people, as usual, are left holding an empty bag. So much is taken away from them but so little - if any - goes back to them, for their common good, for their public welfare.

Yes. Public funds come from the people and should go back to them particularly in form of social benefits. After taking for themselves a good portion of public funds for their salaries and honoraria, their bonuses and perks, their high living standard plus financial security, what is left at least should go back to the people - spent for their socio-economic development. No matter what circus is staged, what chant is sung, what sorcery is done, public funds are definitely meant for public good. Neither wisdom nor expertise is required to know this elementary objective truth.

Building much needed infrastructures. Investing in agricultural programs and projects. Helping fund small productive ventures. Promoting business cooperatives. Investing in needed public utilities. Assuring public safety and security. And on and on the need for public funding goes - specially int his long since Third World Country in Asia. How about the recently thought of "Stimulus Package?" As the saying goes: Better late than never.

Make the money of the people work for them - please!