Friday, October 21, 2011

Isolated Case

Time and again, people hear it as some kind of an air-tight defense or an infallible excuse. It is often made to appear that everything is alright, that there is really nothing to worry about. The allegation is often repeated invocation of public officials specifically challenged - but usually fail as a matter of course - to keep law and order in the Country. When a bomb explodes here or there - no problem. It is but an "isolated case"! When a murder or rape happens now and then - there is nothing to be disturbed about. It is simply and "isolated case"! When these or those criminals commit brazen and/or perpetrates odious acts - be at ease and at peace. It is nothing more than this and that "isolated case"!

Much worse is when the well known phenomenon of criminal propensity and/or widespread reality in the Country is appended to none other than certain policemen themselves - when they are the principal authors if not close collaborators in the staging of one crime after another. What is this? No big deal. All their respective lawless actions are but one "isolated case" after another! No cause for alarm. Just live and sleep in peace.

In other words, the intended meaning or message that a serious anti-social and/or grave anti-human act is but an "isolated case," is rather plain and simple: Everything is under control. Nothing to be preoccupied with. It is business as usual. Really? Are the public officials concerned serious? Do they understand and mean what they say? And are people in general expected to believe them? To thank them? To trust them? Those public officials who think that their frequent invocations of the mantra of "isolated case," are taken seriously by those who know better, must be from Mars or another planet in outer space.

How on earth can bombs be repeatedly exploded, murders continuously committed and crimes oftentimes perpetrated - with every one of them alleged as an merely "isolated case"? Since when are particularly women and children always and altogether safe in the streets, in their own houses even? When do people really feel secure and protected from hoodlums such as thieves, drunkards and delinquent characters in buses, at the markets, by the sidewalks - specially in cities and other urban areas?

The sad reality is that there is a growing number of lawmen in the Country who are not only incapable of maintaining law and order in the land, but who are also fast losing their ethical moorings, who jettison their moral principles. It is fatal when criminality and poverty come to reign in the Country. It is mortal if the Executive Department eventually prove to be either unaware of this wide and deep social malady - or in fact unable from reversing the pitiful peace and other situation in the Republic.