Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Human Life

Without human life, what for is human dignity, what for are human rights? Without human life, what is there in the whole world that has intrinsic significance, lasting value or inherent purpose? Without human life, what for is progress and development? In other words, human life is the reason and the finality of everything else here and now. The conclusion is obvious! Human life is only invaluable but also irreplaceable. When it is lost, lost it remains - with everything else being but things.

No wonder that among but the Ten Mandates of the law of nature, there is one that clearly and expressly says: "You shall not kill." It is quite significant and revealing that the command to respect human life is preceded by the imperative of honoring parents who are the source of life. More. It is also followed by the demand of respect specifically for the relationship between men and women with their combined potential of bringing life about.

Mortal civil conflicts that has the elements of a civil war. Massacres and murders that respect neither place nor time. Summary executions and suicides that are already taken for granted. Fatal addictions and induced abortions that have become commonplace. This is not to mention the killing of women and children after they have been abused. There is also the slowly emerging practice of "Euthanasia" or "Mercy Killing." Add hereto the emerging move to restore "Capital Punishment." Result: Killings unlimited!

How about the so called "Just War," the finality and implications of which seems to tickle the mind of some 19 soldiers in Mindanao. There were many others also killed before them. And there will be still more killed in the course of time. This is killing unlimited. This calls for a war which is but just.

But what precisely makes a war "just"? These - according to reason and ethics: 1. The cause is just. 2. The necessity of protecting human life with its inherent human rights. 3. The good it brings that is proportionate to its human costs. 4. The reasonable chance for its success. 5. The option to wage it made by the legitimate authority. 6. The last resort to take.

In the event that a war is "just" with the verification of the above rational and ethical considerations, then it has to be well remembered: War must be a work for peace. Peace is the fruit of justice. Justice is founded on truth.

And less people are rather fast in shouting for an "All out war!" in any part of the Country, it is interesting to know if they themselves are willing to go to war - no matter how "just" it is! Just asking.