Friday, October 28, 2011

Enough is Enough!

An expression of disgust. A statement of exasperation. A message of warning. All these are combined message and implications of the notice served that "Enough is enough!" What makes this declaration more loaded and significant is that it was made by no less than the Chief of Supreme Court, that is openly and clearly said in public, and that it received a big and long applause from his audience.

His perceived sin is having been appointed Chief Justice by the past administration. He was then subsequently ostracized from high level official events. His other attributed sin is having denied the constitutionality of the so called "Truth Commission." He was then a marked man as far as the present administration is concerned. Result: The budget of his Department was tinkered with. Response: The Chief Justice spoke and the people in his Department staged rallies of anger and disgust.

No. This is not to say that the Chief and the members of his Department are all saints, no. This is neither meant to insinuate that the Supreme Court itself is infallible and cannot wherefore make mistakes. Yes. This is but saying that as mandated by the Constitution itself, the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of government are equal in dignity, separate in function and independent in operation.

When the Chief Executive with the added title of Commander-in-Chief gets the funny idea that he is over and above everybody and everything else -- the Chief Justice included with the whole Judicial Department - then that enmity comes to fore and people come to wonder. In some kind of a tug-of-war between the now incumbent Chief Executive and the likewise incumbent Chief Justice, it is not hard for the general public to favor the latter. Reason: The questionable competence and suspect work ethics of the former -- among other gradually revealed management liabilities.

In the matter of "Power," history the world over is the silent but able witness that after everything is said and done, it is still the "Power of the Pen" that eventually wins over the "Power of the Sword" plus the "Power of the Purse." Reason: No sword can really do away with the force and authority of truth brought to fore by the pen. No purse can really stifle the significance and consequences of reality brought out in the open by the pen.

"Let those who pervert democracy and the Constitution for their selfish political ends mistake our judicial decorum, wisdom of silence and sense of dignity as signs of weakness, for nothing can be father from the truth."