Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Crime does not pay"

The world famous and time tested maxim that "Crime does not pay" does not sink in the mind of criminals - for one reason or another. In the strong group of the enticement of wealth, the allure of power and/or the seduction of the flesh, criminals become numb to the distinction between vice and virtue, become blind to what hurts or benefits others. The odious conclusion they reach is that yes: "Crime pays!" -- it pays for their feeling of omnipotence, for their exemption from the laws of the land, for their freedom from conviction and consequent punishment.

It pays for their insatiability in accumulating and keeping heaps of money in their vaults, in the hands of their conspirators, in local and foreign banks - under other names of course. It pays for their acquisition as well as retention of might and influence, for their immunity from prosecution and freedom from imprisonment. It pays for their carnal living, expensive pleasures and luxurious lifestyle. All these payments, however, infallibly and eventually come to a big stop - leaving them pitifully denuded of honor and stripped of human dignity. Then, they trampled upon people. Now, they are trampled upon by people.

This is exactly the phenomenon now taking place in the Country. There is once this and that family with the erratic conviction that theirs would be a permanent might and a consequent perpetual rule. There is this and that individual who made himself/herself believe that the rudimentary saying "What goes up, must go down," does not apply to him/her. Finally, the time has come for them to live the truth that, yes, "Crime does not pay."

No money can in any way buy health when this has already seriously failed and simply waiting to be gone for good. No power can keep the prison bars closed ever, precisely when someone else has taken hold of the might and influence . In the same way, all expensive tastes and luxurious living ultimately come to an end - all attempts to the contrary, notwithstanding. In other words, all criminals definitely pay for their crimes here and now -- if not also hereafter and beyond.

By the way, it is good to point out the standing truth and consonant reality that "Crime does not pay," likewise applies to all those now proudly holding the reigns of power, freely disposing of the wealth of the Country, riding high in luxury and extravagance - no matter how well hidden these are, for the moment. No, absolutely none of them is exempted from "Payback Time" - notwithstanding all their loud and repeated claims to self-serving honesty and integrity.

Again, with felling: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, crime does not pay!