Saturday, October 08, 2011

Climate Change. Charter Change. Character Change.

From the time climate became an actuality and since man entered into the world of realities, since then, one has been affecting the other for better or for worse. Lately, it has become a rather common belief that man has in fact changed the climate to his own loss. Unless proven otherwise, it now appears that climate is striking back at man with loss of life and resources. Question: Is Climate Change good or bad? Answer: Bad.

In the last analysis, man may not but preserve and even enhance the integrity of the climate that envelops him. In the same way, he may not but protect and in effect care for the environment. It is not mere poetry when it is said that a degraded climate has a way of striking back at man, that a polluted environment seeks to get even with humanity. This is why Climate Change is bad.

From the time it was duly approved and accordingly promulgated, the 1986 Constitution of the Philippines has been the object of many evaluative studies as well as the target of many contrasting opinions. No less than three ways are officially provided for any change therein, viz., Constitutional Convention, Constituent Assembly, People’s Initiative. Expressed in quite interesting labels, there is also no less than three attempts to change the Philippine Constitution, viz., “Pirma”, “Concord”, “Sigaw ng Bayan”. Question: Is Charter Change good or bad: Answer: It depends.

None of the following is a secret: That politics in the Country is by and large destructive – not constructive – of the common good and public welfare. That a big number of politicians are not upright but distrusted persons, not altruistic but selfish individuals, not good but bad examples. This is why Charter Change is neither necessarily right or wrong. It depends on what provisions therein will be changed and what for.

Practically since time immemorial to these days, there are individuals who are liabilities to their households on account of their errant ways. There are also families that are a misfortune to their communities due to their viciousness. Herein included are certain dynasties that are a curse to either a region or the nation as a whole, by reason of their greed for power and wealth. By the way, let it also be expressively said that there is a good number of politicians who engage in self-service instead of public service, who promote private instead of public interests. Question: Is Character Change good or bad? Answer: Good.

From mediocrity to competence, from indolence to industry, from viciousness to righteousness, from greed to generosity, from egoism to altruism – these are some forms of Character Change. And they were all good.