Monday, October 31, 2011

All Out Justice

The cheer is certainly novel and interesting. The holler is not only admirable but also intriguing. It is some kind of a battle cry for the good, the upright and powerful – categorically telling the bad to stay out of the way or they become wasted by the wayside. To top it all, the proverb was composed and recited by no less than the Chief Executive in the land who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines. At first glance, it sounds that no justice shall be tolerated, much less allowed to prevail. It forwards the ready understanding that justice shall be the omnipresent rule that the days of the unjust are over.

It is however but right and proper not only to contextualize the sudden invocation of the surprising mantra “All Out Justice,” but also to know more what it means, what is it covered and applies to. Needless to say, there is great bravery, admirable resolve and nationalist spirit behind the presidential song that immediately caught both the attention and surprise of a good number of people. From a funny little puppy, there suddenly came out a formidable lion roaring loud and angry. “All out War” – no! “All out Justice” – yes! The latter impressive and endearing phenomenal shout could have been left alone – and wherefore also simple leave the people rejoicing and celebrating. But then, candid and simple questions began to be asked here and there – questions that at first glance appear irrelevant but in fact demand clear and forthright answers.

Question: Is “All our Justice” applicable but to this and those little sections in Mindanao and occasioned only by the recent killings of admittedly brave soldiers and civilians alike perpetrated in many places in Luzon and the Visayas, as a matter of course? Does it mean that “All out Justice” is only limited in observance and scope, whereby all other atrocities perpetrated in other regions in the Country are held merely technical and academic?

Question: Is “All out Justice” irrelevant to extrajudicial killings, to women violated, to children abused as well as the fetus aborted all over Metro Manila and usually thrown or dumped here and there? Furthermore, is “All Out Justice” nonsense for those killed and incapacitated in the Mendiola Massacre, not to mention the long standing victims of the Hacienda Luisita injustice?

“Justice is anything but “All Out” when it is frivolous, discriminatory, selective.