Friday, September 23, 2011

Treasure hunters

RECENTLY, a well known and much read national daily carried a news item about local treasure hunting. As expected, the avid and prolonged search was reported to be in conjunction with a “Yamashita Treasure”. It was furthermore said that the venture was officially stopped by the DENR in coordination with the local government officials and residents in the place that has long since signified their unanimous objection to the venture—basically for reasons of their safety and health.

The Filipinos as a whole are rather well acquainted with treasure hunting—specially so after the Japanese occupation and particularly so with reference to treasure said to be buried here and there by this and that Japanese military official. The truth of the matter however is that the hunt for hidden treasure in the country also has reference to Spanish coins which were said to be kept in different ways and places, basically for safe keeping.

In this country, there are usually three—interesting and intriguing—allegations whereupon treasure hunting in general is premised. In other words, it refers to whatever the treasure presumably is as far as quantity and worth are concerned and wherever the treasure is assumed to be buried. The said three operative allegations, promises or assurances are the following:

One: That the reality of buried treasure, ordinarily in gold, is 100% certain—no ifs, no buts. More often than not, there are dirty maps shown and/or unreadable signs pointed out to validate the assertion.

Two: That the quantity of the treasured hidden by this or that famous military official or identified group of individuals is enormous not only in quantity but also in worth.

Three: That once found, the treasure hunter or hunters are willing to share the treasure with the land holder or owner on a 50/50 basis—with the promise that the hunt would be kept secret and the excavated place would be well covered after the hunt.

Here is where the advisory of certain wise individuals becomes a big logical and practical help to a land holder or owner concerned in deciding where to allow or to forbid the self-presented treasure hunters in doing their thing: if the alleged existence of the treasure is 100% certain and if the proposed sharing on generous 50/50 basis, then it would be reasonable for the said treasure hunters to give first as down payment in cash, even but 30% of the worth estimate of the treasure. Conclusion: The treasure hunters leave! Reason: The existence of the treasure is anything but 100% sure! Got it?

23 September 2011