Monday, September 19, 2011


THERE is no need for any more scientific investigation, for further laboratory experimentation. Men, women and young people know it. Professionals, businessmen and laborers know it. Practically anybody and everybody know it. What? Smoking is bad! It is bad for the health of the smoker as well as for all those around the latter. Smoking ruins the lungs and the heart of smokers together with those inhaling their smoke that slowly invades a bigger and bigger space.

No wonder that even cigarette packs carry the clear and signal warning that smoking is a danger to the well being of people, the smokers themselves in particular. This is why there are simple as well classy restaurants, small together with huge buildings—mega malls included—where smoking is banned altogether. Thus it is that smoking is now even considered taboo in these and those public places. In other words, no one with a sound mind and good will recommends smoking whenever to whoever.

Nicotene - this is the archenemy of good health, the primary cause of many fatal sickness, the distinct curse of smokers—with all those engulfed by the smoke they blow here and there. The fact is that such a signal and dangerous substance deserve to be officially included in updated Manuals of Psychiatry. “Nicotine Dependence” “Nicotine Use Disorder”, “Nicotine- Induced Disorder”—these are some of the formal entries about such an “Inhalant- Related Disorder”. Translation: Smoking with its accompanying adverse physiological effects also has its complementary detrimental psychiatrical impact—specially on the smoker.

Smoking is not rational, much less proper and just for anyone who made the option to assume any responsibility even but only in the domestic sphere—like husbands and wives. The more so when someone has sought and obtained leadership in a community—like local public officials. In fact, the mandate not to smoke or the injunction to quit smoking becomes even more imperative for someone who pursued and obtained nothing less than a public office in the national level.

Why? A smoking spouse poisons not only himself but also his entire family. A smoking public official ruins his health, not merely to his own loss but also to the consequent disadvantage of his constituents. A smoking public official in the national level is not only a liability to himself but also a big debit to the nation as a whole.

Conclusion: Smoker—stop it or smoking stops you!

19 September 2011