Friday, September 30, 2011

“Smoking Kills 10 Pinoys every hour”

SO estimates the World Health Organization. So surfaces the big danger to the life of smokers. So warns different medical associations about the inherent menace of even but the so-called “second hand” smoke coming from someone’s tobacco consumption. And for all intents and purposes, the Department of Health as well as local medical research entities agrees to the moral effect of smoking—to the smokers themselves as well as those who inhale the smoke they blow and spread around. There are immediate conclusions to this established truth and standing reality.

The so called “Sin Tax” such as those precisely imposed on cigarette manufacturers is neither irreverent nor ridiculous. The “sin” precisely consists in the production of poison, the advancement of addiction, the promotion of death. This is some kind of a suicide. This is not really that different from the cultivation, sale and consumption of prohibited drugs—giving advent to the so called “Drug Lords”, “Drug Mules”, “Drug Dens” and other atrocious phenomena.

The smokers are the marked liabilities of their own coronary and pulmonary constitution. They are, in effect, the incarnations of the formidable enemies of their own health. More. They are distinct manifestations of irresponsibility, the sick and sickening agents of everything deadly brought about by their exhaled smoke. Hatred of oneself by causing his own sickness is bad enough. But to be also the cause of the sickness of others—this is not the way of the sane, the behavior of the responsible.

It is already bad enough when an ordinary individual engages in habitual smoking as this is killing himself and others around him. It is much worst when someone pursues and thereafter holds a high public office, and yet continues to engage in the vice of smoking. In other words, when public responsibilities are placed upon someone plus big public expectations are hereby reposed upon him, the more irrational he becomes by customarily smoking, and by not wherefore even sparing those around him from sickness due to his vicious smoking.

When someone does not or cannot stop his smoking, this means anything but honest effort, good intention and consequent resolve. And again, this is health hazard for him and for those around him inhaling the smoke he blows all around. In other words, he is one big bad news!

Let those who have ears, listen.

30 September 2011