Monday, September 12, 2011

Jueteng – Daang matuwid – Jueteng

THERE is something not only interesting but also intriguing—if not downright suspicious—about the above tripod wherein strangely enough, the so called “Daang MatuWid” has Jueteng precisely before and after it. The former supposedly stands for integrity and honestly. The latter openly represents corruption and deceit. And yet, what is supposed to be the incarnation of integrity and honestly, is precisely infected by the gross reality of corruption and deceit. To better understand this blatant contradiction, it might help to look into the significance and implications of the following two pairings.

The pairing Jueteng - Daang Matuid: Jueteng was rampant and incisive—before the proclamation of the upright way of governance. It also proved to be fatal with the disappearance of a good number of “unfaithful” Cobradores and Cabos. There was even that well known convert from being a Jueteng Operator to a strong anti- Jueteng crusader who was mercilessly gunned down in a well known Manila boulevard.

The pairing Daang Matuid - Jueteng. Jueteng simply continued merrily exploiting the poor and gullible—after the coming of the supposedly honorable road to be taken by those in power and authority. The former administration was done away with—but Jueteng remained. The Wang-Wang was gone—but Jueteng stayed on. Some of those perceived corrupt in the tenure of public Office were dismissed—but Jueteng is on.

The tripod wherefore of Jueteng - Daang Matuwid - Jueteng forwards the following seemingly incredible but probable conclusions:

The “Daang Matuid” does not cover Jueteng. In other words, for reasons only known to Malacañang and its fervent affiliates, the infamous illegal gambling form is exempted from alleged cleansing coverage.

The “Daang Matuwid” is at peace with Jueteng. That is to say, there is a mutually harmonious coexistence between the claimed principle of integrity on the part of the national leadership and the well known practice of deception of Jueteng Operators.

Could the “Daang Matuwid” be ultimately taking over the operation and propagation of the social cancer of Jueteng. How? Simple! Certain members of KKK and/or their avid followers would simultaneously run the PCSO “Loteria” and operate Jueteng—with the former serving as cover up of the latter.

How creative! How convenient! How cute!

12 September 2011