Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Intelligent. Calm. Practical

WHILE the present administration may neither claim proven competence nor pursuant admirable accomplishments, and while the national leadership still remains far from achieving its gloriously proclaimed mission and agenda, there is however a distinct laurel in its promotional administrative staff. This: The choice of a spokesperson who has long since proven herself to be not only intelligent but also calm and practical in answering both easy and difficult questions repeatedly thrown at her direction. Probably unnoticed and unsaid, she is one established asset in the ruling government.

This is why there are those who say—and correctly so—that she has proven herself to be good and effective buffer for the disturbing mystery and dismaying enigma behind the personality and character of her protégé. It is not easy to speak for, defend and promote the highest public official in the land who is saddled with a good number of persisting doubts and questions—particularly so about his ability and industry. In short, it is not easy to speak on behalf of the same national figure with all its known personal liabilities and consequent lackluster executive performance.

Sad to say, there is this and that other chosen Malacañang spokespersons whose composite performance leaves much to be desired. Needless to say, it is markedly difficult to defend and promote the good name and image of their patron. But to add salt to injury, so to speak, hereto added is the phenomenon that one of them speaks with panic in his words and facial expressions probably on account of a given personality constitution. There is another who talks with pride and arrogance possibly caused by an inflated ego. It is big blessing to their common client that there is this lady spokesperson who redeems them all when facing inquisitive and analytic media persons.

Would that as time pass by, the Malacañang occupant she speaks for could eventually prove himself to be worth all the big prerogatives and many privileges that go with the Office—as a matter of fact. Would that the public official concerned ultimately show that he deserve the trust reposed on him by majority of the electorate—in addition to the continuous and ever increasing direct and indirect taxes they place at his disposal. This would eventually mean the furtherance of the common good and the advancement of public welfare in favor of the People of the Philippines.

Finally, going back to the above said competent and distinguished spokesperson, would that in due time, her “bossing” could make her proud of what she did and said on his behalf. Anything else would not only make her repentant of her sweat and toil, but also make the Filipinos regretful of their choice of their national “lider”.

14 September 2011