Monday, September 26, 2011

“Daan matuwid”

MANY things in many ways have been said many times about the above cited alluring pre-election yell of the now Malacañang resident. Is there something more that need be discussed or disclosed about it? Yes, there is! This, with feeling: It is selective in coverage! In other words, there are exceptions from the rule. And as already known, these are usually some of the illustrious members of K.K.K.

Yes, there are persecutions and prosecutions going on. And these are very much advertised. But as a matter of course, people are still waiting for the conviction and imprisonment of these and those incarnations of graft and corruption in the country—especially from the previous administration. But after more than a year of triumphant Malacañang rule, the score board remains basically zero—except for a former military officer now placed in prison as provided by Court Martial proceedings.

The moment there is but one exception to the much proclaimed principle of integrity, then this readily becomes a deviate norm. It is precisely in the light of this truth that now famous—or infamous—K. K. K. phenomenon comes to mind. It is not a secret that there is this and that particular friend, classmate or teammate who is repeatedly pointed out as someone involved in this or that graft and corrupt practice, Yet, the same continuously exempted from treading the “Daan matuwid”.

These days, there are more and more talks about more and more K.K.K. constituents getting involved in the gross illegal numbers’ game of Jueteng—using a supposedly “legal” gambling form as a cover-up. It is even said that certain K.K.K. characters now assigned to juicy positions in government—especially in the so called “GOCC”’s—are now having a good number of so-called “Ghost Employees” to the exasperation of those sweating it out to earn their keep.

In the event that certain Malacañang defenders deem it worthy to have said K.K.K. shenanigans known and verified, this is fast and easy—if they really want to know the truth. Unless they themselves do not believe in the multi-billion worth of intelligence work different government agencies, then it is incumbent upon them to move for the investigation, prosecution and imprisonment of those proven out of the “Daan matuwid” loop—especially so when these are covered by the practically sacred K.K.K. mantle.

Then, the Malacañang battle cry of the right, proper and just road to tread might still become credible—somehow.

26 September 2011