Friday, September 02, 2011


COMPASSION brings about preoccupation which in turn brings benefaction to fore—this is charity in nature and implication. Its opposite is exploitation that takes advantage of frustration caused by destitution. The realities behind these thoughts are not that complicated to perceive, much less are they that profound to understand. The core of the matter is that charity is synonymous with altruistic love—whose opposite is self-service caused by self-love. This is why the triad of faith, hope and love considered as the cornerstone of all Christian virtues.

This brings to mind the now infamous “Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office” (PCSO) which has slowly but surely metamorphosed into a gambling Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC). It is a “Philippine” entity, alright. But there seems to be no more “Sweepstakes” really and much less does it stand for “Charity”. Just like the notorious Philippine Amusing and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR), PCSO is now the symbol of exploitation instanced by frustration on account of the destitution of millions of Filipinos.

Let it be clearly said that in addition to LOTTO, there is the SMALL TOWN LOTTERY to be changed into “LOTERIA NG BAYAN” this month. And all these downright gambling concoctions are geared for the exploitation of the frustrated people on account of their poverty. The thought of easy money or a “fast buck”, the dependence on chance or a “perhaps stance”, the gambit of instant wealth or “quick get rich”—all these non-rational postures are the basic premises of gambling officially promoted not only by PAGCOR but also by PCSO.

With the feigned intention of getting rid of Jueteng which in fact became even more intensive in operation and more extensive in coverage, after the emergence of STL, there is this other dubious venture of LOTERIA allegedly to eradicate JUETENG—again. It is both strange and dubious that PCSO would not know the futility of such a professed honorable finality: Do away with JUETENG through LOTERIA. Reason: Most of the corporations with the franchises to operate STL then and LOTERIA now, are owned by Jueteng Lords themselves!

Just as Jueteng Lords used STL as a cover-up for the illegal numbers game of JUETENG, the same well known characters are now poised to handle LOTERIA operation for exactly the same objective, i.e. exactly as another cover-up for their JUETENG activities. If PCSO does not know this, then it must be managed either by holy innocents or by illegal gambling beneficiaries themselves. This is not only a big pity but also a big shame!

GAMBLING-GRAFT-CORRUPTION; This is an inseparable trio! This is an empirical reality! This is long standing Philippine history!

2 September 2011