Friday, September 16, 2011

“Cagayan Casinos open doors to local gamblers”

No. There is nothing comforting much less funny about the above additional feature of this Gambling Republic. The news in big and bold letters was in fact just recently carried by a respectable national daily. Yes. This means the following: that the casinos in the country remain much alive and well; that the Philippine casinos are in reality for the patronage not only of foreigners but also in effect intended for the Filipino gamblers; that the same casinos are ably promoting the vice of gambling all over the land.

There is even the allegation made by gambling officials concerned that the casinos are closed to government officials. Those who know better are thus much amused by such promotional gambit of false self-righteousness. It is therefore understandable that they have a big laugh every time they are told of the alleged amusing Pagcor norm or principle. This is why they shout back to said officials, “Tell it to the Martians!” It is true that some people can be fooled some time—but not all the people, all the time.

There is one conclusion that readily comes to fore under such an avid and sustained effort not only of protecting but also of propagating the gambling spirit in the Philippines: the loudly claimed and much acclaimed “Daang Matuwid”—or something the like—allegedly opted by the national leadership is but a big farce, a shameful hypocrisy, in the last analysis, Once again with feeling: the claim of integrity is in effect debunked by the pro-active dissemination of gambling precisely under the auspices of Government owned and Controlled Corporations—such as Pagcor and PCSO.

Time and again, the competence and industry of the incumbent highest executive official in the land come to question. Now, even its self-proclaimed integrity becomes rather doubtful and probably even downright disproved. The truth is that even getting rid of the corrupt and corrupting illegal gambling form called “Jueteng”, is “not a priority” of the Malacanang occupant. How then could the same even dare claim that uprightness is a basic principle of his governance?! Such is not merely a confused but also a confusing allegation.

That the Cagayan casinos are welcoming into their bosom not only foreign but also local gamblers—this is another bad news for the Philippines. Such gambling dens are now better equipped to increase gambling addiction in the country, to propagate the mentality of chance plus the spirit of indolence among the people. So it is that proper value systems are neutralized and more families are destroyed.


16 September 2011