Monday, August 29, 2011

“United States of the Philippines”

NO laughing, please! No smiling either! Reason: It reads well. It sounds nice. It invokes power and wealth. In implies a First World Country. Is it that silly? Is it simply vainglory? Does it imply too much drinking and/or too many sleepless nights? And by the way, since when it is forbidden to dream-and dream big?!

Before, there was the talk about “Federalism”. This has been long forgotten as a matter of fact. There is long since standing “Autonomy” in this or that part of the country. This still remains a debated reality. There is now the consideration of a “Sub-State”—whatever this means such as an underwater piece of land in line with the concept and reality of a “Submarine”. This is said to be the fruit of a recent secret travel and meeting, also said to be arranged by no less than the United States of America. Hence, if there is an Uncle Sam, why not an Uncle Pnoy?

Wherefore: Why not the “United States of the Philippines”?! The country has hundreds of Islands. It has these and those provinces. These in turn are covered by several regions. Again: Why not the United States of the Philippines”? Is this possibility but a huge fantasy? Is this such a vain and futile vision? After all, there are so many possible constituent elements that can make the title, a reality, viz., Islands, Provinces, Regions.

Hence: Why not the State of Pampanga and the State of Tarlac—for that matter? So what if there are the State of Quezon plus the State of Rizal, The State of Manila and the State of Makati—not to mention the State of Divisoria and the State of Quiapo? With so many possible states in the country, limitless as well are the bright possibilities for the “Philippines My Philippines”—such as integrity and competence among public Officials, prosperity and wealth for the people. This is well in accord with the song “I can dream, can’t I”.

Of course, some changes would be in order and therefore inevitable: The song then becomes “Land of the Mornings”. The National Anthem says “Mga Bayan Magiliw”. The flag could not but have many stars—instead of those three only ones. The national color must be yellow—all yellow and nothing else but yellow—in place of white, red and blue. By the way, the National Song could be “Yellow Bird”.

Most of all—to the great delight and ecstasy of the present national leadership and its faithful followers and great admirers, the RH Bill plus the Divorce Bill plus the Same Sex Marriage Bill would be immediate living realities in the “United States of the Philippines”—just like in the United States of America.

29 August 2011