Monday, August 08, 2011

Sick and sickening

AN image of Jesus Christ with an attached wooden replica of a male genital protruding directly over His Face. The genital is draped with a Holy Rosary, hanging by the base and the tip of the replica. Is this art?

A Crucifix and Cross draped with a pink stretched condom. Is this art?

To a Crucifix is attached a red male organ. Is this art?

“Yes, oh yes!” So says in substance a group of so-called “artists” exhibiting the above consummate sacrilege! So essentially implies nothing less than the “Pontifical” and “Royal” University of “Santo Tomas” indulging the group whose products they are and who engage in the big blasphemy! So basically claims the Cultural Center of the Philippines displaying the radical vulgarity instead at nurturing and promoting Filipino positive cultural values as defined by its Mission Statement.

If the futile defense and vain rationalization of the open display of such lewd and gross “artistic productions” is the freedom of expression, then it is worth asking: What if genital and condom were stuck on the faces of the “artists”? What if the genital and condom were plastered on the face of Jose Rizal whose 150th Death Anniversary seemed to have occasioned the exhibit? What if the genital and the condom were attached to the face of any if not all the CCP directors? And what if the genital and condom were affixed to the face of St. Thomas of Aquinas? What then?

There is freedom of expression to say and /or do what is right, proper and just—not what is vulgar and despicable, highly profane and gravely offensive to even but to good manners and right conduct. Art is meant to uplift the human spirit—not to trample on its nobility , neither to demean its aspirations, nor to place it at a garbage pile. Those who attempt to claim and defend the contrary do not belong to civilized humanity, to decent society.

God is forgiving but also just. God is kind but also righteous. God is lenient but also principled. Otherwise, there would be but heaven, supernatural bliss and eternal happiness—not their contradictions. These fundamental truths however still admit exceptions: Those mentally impaired. Those emotionally disturbed. Those psychologically incapacitated. God very well knows who these are.

Sick and Sickening. This is what’s wrong with the exhibit that is radically insensitive to natural decency, offensive to ethical standards, hideous to moral norms.

8 August 2011