Friday, August 19, 2011

“Payback time”

WHAT goes up eventually goes down. What is not yours continues to clamor for its owner. Life is “weather-weather lang.” These sayings and others like them are the meaning and implications of the phrase “Payback time”. In other words, what is not yours will be taken away from you in due course. Translation: You may not deviously take and ever keep what does not really belong to you. The time and occasion eventually come when such is taken away from you—like it or not. Whereas bare fisted you came into the world, so too will your hands be empty when you leave it behind. This is lasting truth. This is standing reality. This is abiding experience.

It is during the present history of this nation when the principle and application of “Payback Time” becomes more significant, relevant and realistic. The former lords and masters are now under the rule and call of their previous servants and slaves. This is the standard eventuality when those previously wielding public power and might used these to serve themselves, their families and friends—not to promote the good or enhance the welfare of those who unwisely or unwillingly entrusted the exercise of governance to them.

There are certain individuals, clans and their cohorts placed in such stately offices and positions who deceived themselves into thinking that theirs was a reign of supreme authority and might—forever and ever. As everything on earth has a beginning, so too they infallibly have an ending. This reality is neither profound nor complex. The sad and saddening fact is that there are people who never learn—or simply do not want to learn. Result: Unfortunately and deservingly, they are disabled from repenting as they are incapacitated from accepting their betrayal of public trust.

Let it be well noted that when those numbered among the common tao deceive others/or perjure themselves, cheat and/or steal, exploit and/or take advantage of others, they too are covered by the principle of “Payback Time”. Theirs is however a much lessened responsibility and culpability. Reason: They are but private agents with but consonant personal accountability. It is however something distinctly different when the above said shenanigans are precisely done by those in tenure of public authority with pursuant adverse public implications and repercussions.

In the event that there are now individuals, families and their collaborators being presently investigated for their official or private wrongdoings, in the event that these are ill or sick for one cause or another, the prayer is would that they recover and be well again. It is only thus—when they are on their feet again that the truth shall be known, justice shall be served and peace shall reign. Praying or wishing otherwise for them is not right, proper and just. Why? It is payback time!

19 August 2011