Friday, July 22, 2011

Reverse mode

IN more simple words, the “Reverse Mode” means going backward—not moving forward, not forging ahead for whatever reason. Translated into the sphere of governance, there is an ineffective or stagnant administration—for one or all of the following reasons on the part of the national leadership: One, there is fear in going ahead. Two, there is lack of “political will” to go onwards. Three, there is no competence to move forward.

In other words, Malacañang has become an expert in looking behind and in blaming the past. Reason: It is disabled from remedying the sad present, from building for the near future. So far, it indulges in empty rhetoric as the country is becoming progressively more a Third World Country, as the Filipinos are suffering from more want and misery—notwithstanding all statistics on paper to the contrary. This is the living reality of “Reverse Mode” adopted by the present government.

Meantime, income has remained the same while prices of fuel and food become higher and higher. There is the same big lack of work in the country such that multi-million Filipino men and women still continue to court danger and ignominy in foreign lands to find employment. Meantime, there is more and more criminality in the streets. Women are abused. People are killed here and there. Summary executions are again becoming a fashion. All the while, the justice system in the Philippines remains dysfunctional.

Question: Why is there pervasive poverty in the country? Answer: Because of the corruption in the previous government! Question: Why is there no sufficiency even of rice in this basically agrarian nation? Answer: Because of the corruption in the previous government! Question: Why are the necessary infrastructures remain undone? Answer: Because of the corruption in the previous government! Question: Why are flood control programs not in place? Answer: Because of the corruption in the previous government.

Meantime: The said corrupt individuals par excellence are making travels, waving hands, giving big smiles. The known corrupt figures are enjoying themselves in wanton abundance. The branded corrupt characters are enjoying the freedom of larks.

There must be something basically wrong with the present government—choosing and staying in the “Reverse Mode”. How long could a government remain in that mode? How far backward would it go? What would make it go forward, remedy the present and thus project a better future? Or is that it? Let not the people ask for more. Make the people keep their silence. Have the Filipinos bow in humility and resignation.


22 July 2011