Monday, July 11, 2011


SOMETHING is definitely wrong in this country and among the Filipinos in general. This national adversity has particular relevance in this time and age. The Filipino culture is usually known for its “Three Loves”: Love of family. Love of community. Love of country. These particular cultural traits found in the Philippines in a special way, can be expressed as “LLL”.

However, sad to say, these dear and endearing socio-cultural factors have been progressively eroded by contrary foreign disposition and actuation. The family is threatened in its stability. The community is the seat of flagrant criminality. The country is made but a stepping stone to the acquisition of power and the accumulation of wealth.

This brings to mind the noble and ennobling Filipino symbol “KKK”. Even in their early age, the children are already and continuously taught about their heroic heritage through the famous expression and proud shout of “Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangan Katipunan”. Thus it is that the mere sight and/or mention of the nationally known initials already bring the thought of the big heroes of the Philippines plus the legitimate feeling of elation for being Filipinos.

But then, the initials have been recently desecrated on accounts of the way the present national leadership chooses key collaborators based on questionable criteria—plus doubtful motives. Thus came about the unfortunate and dismaying public outcry against “Kaklase. Kabarkada. Kabarilan.” as the common denominator of those close to MalacaƱang—as some kind of the alter egos of its occupant.

And then, there is the “PPP” that was launched with pride and expectation of the socio-economic development of the country. It is wrong to say that the thus initialed venture is but a political gimmick. The truth is that in substance, done justly and properly, the commercial partnership of the private and public sectors of society brings the promise of available capital and pursuant engagement of labor; ushers in the consequent expectation of both private welfare and public benefits.

But once again, this otherwise promising venture is being undermined by another PPP tripod that stands for “Pitiful Philippine Presidency.”

It cannot go on and on like this. There must be something better for the Philippines. There should be better future for the Filipinos. What? How? When?

11 July 2011