Friday, July 29, 2011

PH business: people

IT offends sensibility. It insults decency. It leaves a foul taste in the mouth to know and say that the main, key and continuous business of the Philippine government is people. People for export. People for placement. People for rent. People on loan. People for exchange. Conclusion: Pitiful OFWs. Miserable Filipinos. Disgraced Philippines.

It is people whom the government considers as its big resources and constant business potential. It is people who laboriously support people while the government merrily imposes direct and in direct taxes on them from birth to death. It is people who keep this country economically afloat through OFWs remittances. And it is also people who become victims of corruption and deceit, of criminality and injustice—while the government looks on.

Yet this laid-down and short-sighted government looks at people as its arch-enemy to the point that it is resolved to take recourse to legislating artificial depopulation—under deceitful titles and purposes. It has come to hate births that it endorses male and female mutilations precisely to prevent them for becoming parents. The government looks at the phenomenon of birth as a curse such that it has its mind, eyes and ears closed about recourse even to abortions—through different means and diverse ways.

This incompetent and indolent government even went to the extent of shaming and undermining the moral force of the CBCP in counteracting its infamous unethical “RH BILL” with immoral provisions. But the malicious ploy fell flat on its face. Now the CBCP is more resolved and better geared to register its unconditional dissent to the said insidious BILL. Responsible Parenthood through natural family planning, yes. Irresponsible Parenthood through artificial family planning, no. The CBCP is making its decisive stance—keeping this doctrinal tenet even after this government is long gone from the face of the earth.

For this government: The Philippines is underdeveloped because of people. The people are poor and miserable because of people. The country remains with a “Third World” status because of people. Hence: Away with people! The tired and tiring reason invoked by this government for population control through artificial contraception is basically the same: There is little food. There are few houses. There are less clothing. Instead of producing more food, building more houses and manufacturing more clothes, the response of the government is plain and simple: Get rid of people and there will be plenty of food, shelter and clothing. Meantime, the government uses and exploits people—as a matter of course—as business materials. Shame!

29 July 2011