Wednesday, July 13, 2011

“PAGCOR sets aside P1 B for classroons”

TO begin with, it is only right and proper to say clearly and emphatically that the Philippine government is the biggest gambler in the Country. It operates “PAGCOR” that sucks in the money of the gullible rich. It runs “PCSO” that in turn bags in the money of those who have some cash to lose. It does not even simply tolerate but in effect pampers the well known “JUETENG LORDS” in the Philippines—together with their respective structures of operations and rankings of operators—who in turn pocket the money of the desperate and gullible poor.

This is not to mention the many other “legal” and “illegal” forms of downright gambling in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao—all also known to the government and as usual does nothing to curb much less to get rid of them. Result: All gamblers, the government in particular, continue to rake in the money of those naive enough to even think that they can win. At the end of the day, it is always—always, always, always—those patronizing gambling who lose and those providing gambling who win. And if every now and then, there is this and that “winner” in gambling, on the other hand, there are these and those thousands of gambling clients who are all “losers”.

It was bad enough during the previous administration. It is even worst now that both PAGCOR and PCSO are directly placed under the Office of the President. Translation: The incumbent office holder has both direct control of and dominion over the said two big official gambling institutions in the country. Great effort has to be made—the mind has to be blinded and the senses have to be deadened in order to claim that such an arrangement is a keystone in the chant of “Matuid na Daan”.

“Pagcor sets aside P 1B for classrooms.”: Thus read the news item recently made by a major Philippine daily about a loud and triumphant publicity announcement made by the official gambling arm of the administration. Ashamed of what it really is, this infamous government downright gambling corporation even ventures to hide its real nature by callously calling itself a “gambling” entity. And time and again, the same gambling GOCC ventures to cleanse itself from its avarice and depravity. No wonder then that the previous officials of both PAGCOR and PCSO are now under formal investigation. There is but one and the same accusation: Generous disbursements of money that easily come and easily go.

The so called “social projects” of PAGCOR and the so named “charitable works” of PCSO cannot and will not ever prove wrong the elementary ethical norm: “The end does not justify the means.” Money from gambling is not cleansed simply by giving it to the poor. Otherwise, there should be more and more public officials committing graft and corruption, more individuals robbing banks and the like—to help the poor.

13 July 2011