Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The more you look, the less you see

THERE is nothing either difficult or funny about the glaring truth that there are times when in fact people see less the more they look—at certain realities, situations or events. This is exactly the case when so much is claimed, yet so little is seen, so many perorations are made but so little is done. And this truth remains no matter what impressive publicities are made, whatever statistics on paper are presented and read. Thus it remains despite all elaborate ostensive addresses made surrounded by expensive decors—ually accompanying state declamations.

And such is exactly the glaring reality about the national situation during the incumbency of the present administration. Having taken over a leadership commonly perceived as the incarnation of graft and corruption, the now Malacañang tenant obtained a good number of votes. These were basically votes of high hope for a better Philippines through the anticipation of better leadership. More. The Filipinos in general reasonably expected for the said successor in government to “hit the ground running”.

The said anticipation and expectation however were in fact enhanced by repeated and loud claims of the past administration of justice, immediate administrative reforms, dedicated government service, fast socio-economic development. etc. The Filipinos were somehow delirious. At last, they were looking forward not simply towards a capable and working government, they were expecting not merely an industrious but a forward looking leadership.

But lo and behold, the introductory number given by the national leadership plus its few, close and preferred collaborators were grand and glaring Luneta hostage fiasco—witnessed by the world with disgust and disbelief. Then, there was the much flaunted “Truth Commission” that was dead as a doornail the moment it was conceived. And then, there was the “No Wang-Wang” policy—with practically everything anti- social practices in the country however going on their merry way.

But it is only a little more than a year that the present leadership has taken the reins of government. That is so short a time to expect, much less to demand much from the Malacañang tenant. In response to this very kind and indulging consideration, it might help to remember that the same figure was already in the Legislative Branch of government for so many times, in so many years. And performance wise, there is nothing worthy to show, to cite, to claim.

It maybe uncomfortable but not untrue to say that as far as the realistic performance of the present administration is concerned: The more you look, the less you see!

20 July 2011