Friday, July 01, 2011


WHAT is meant to stand for nobility and bravery, for group sacrifice and national redemption, now forwards vanity, shame and profanity in national leadership and governance. This big misfortune of the Philippines becomes even more painful and distressing during these days when a well known national hero is being given a special remembrance and proper tribute—a historical figure who has brought proper honor and legitimate pride to be the Filipinos as a people inspired by the genuine KKK. On the other hand, there is now the false and malevolent KKK that is leading the nation to perdition and bringing the people top exasperation.

“Kaibigan”, “Kaklase” and “Kabarilan”—this is the impious meaning of KKK during this time, in this country. Should the Philippines continue to be saddled not only with the calamities of nature but also with devastations brought about by one national leadership after another? Would the Filipinos continue to bear with the maledictions brought about by one national government after another? Could generations yet to come continue to accept and bear national public officials who are anything and everything except being trustworthy and dependable.

With apology to all those concerned but in deference to the message of truth and reality, the following perceptions beg recall—with the hope that the supposedly sovereign Filipino people would learn the lesson forwarded by their more recent sad national history: The immediate past two administrations successively stood for amorality and corruption unlimited. The present one brings to fore the incarnation of an incapable and wherefore incompetent administration. Objectively true or otherwise, it remains a painful fact that the Philippines is going everywhere except forward, is becoming anything but better.

There is nothing like upright, honest and dedicated national leadership that can bring a country to integral development. And for one reason or another, that good fortune and appreciated advantage have long since been illusive to the Republic of the Philippines. What could be the reason for this phenomenon of long standing in the Philippines scene? Is it because the Filipinos do not know how to choose their leaders? Or it is because their real choice has been frustrated one election after another?

Would that the exalted nature, inspiring significance and encouraging implications of the one and only KKK remain in the mind and heart of the Filipinos today—and their generations yet to come. Would that the disparaging and exasperating newly born KKK go away—the sooner and faster, the better.

1 July 2011