Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“I am sorry”

SOMEONE already said it before. Somebody should say it now. Before, the expression was a confession of wrong things done. Now, the phrase must be the admission of the right things left undone. In both instances however, the victims are exactly the same: The People of the Philippines—both the past and present generations of Filipinos. Then, they were cheated of many things, especially in terms of wanton corruption in the handling and disbursement of public funds. Now, they are also being particularly cheated through non-development of their personal potentials and the continuous exploitation of their natural resources basically in favor of foreign capitalists representing multinational companies.

Such is the misfortune of Filipinos that try their patience and tempts their hope. Leaving aside for the moment the previous administration without however forgetting its many and big contributions to the poverty of the country and the misery of its people, it is good for the moment to take note of the following stagnant if not regressive realities in the Philippine scene under the incumbent national leadership.

So many rhetoric said but so little work done. So many promises made but practically nothing tangible seen. So many personal appearances made on the occasion of the natural calamities and that’s it. Thus it was the year past, and thus too it is expected in the years still ahead. Reasons: There is no cure for incompetence. There is nothing like indolence to assure dormancy of national affairs. No guns, no cars, no girls can make it otherwise.

It is in light of all these national socio-economic debacles, there was a Marine Colonel who risked his safety and life, who resigned himself to lose all the benefits for its long efficient military service at the cost of making his own family suffer, who dared say the truth, pointed out the reality and publicity made the over-all conclusion that: One, the incumbent administration is in a stand-still. Two, it cannot be this way all the time, Three, something must be done somehow, sometime to make a difference.

The not really surprising, popular response and support for the Colonel found expression in many ways, in varied ways, and in different words. It can be readily assumed that he is definitely not alone in the conclusion he made. There is a good number of people in various sectors of Philippine society who have exactly the same thoughts and sentiments about the present government. Too bad but so true.

There is the wise saying, pointing out the fact that “Not to move forward is to go backwards.” The reason for this insight is because doing nothing is losing time and opportunity, missing chances, wasting possibilities. Hence: “I AM SORRY.”

27 July 2011