Friday, July 15, 2011

“Greatest achievement”

DURING his one year of progressively lower and lower approval ratings, the Malacañang occupant said: “Before, there was resignation and apathy” among the Filipinos. Furthermore, according to the same declaimer, there was “numbness” and “blasé” among the people about “scandals” in the country. Consequently, the said speaker claimed that these days the “Hope for a better life replaces apathy.” In addition it was said with a straight face that people’s “lives are changing for the better.” Finally, the same orator remarked that such a change in the national psyche of the people was his “greatest achievement.”

Wow! Where on earth did that thinking and allegation come from? What brought about such a Cloud 9 perception and conclusion?! Who is the bogus genius or windy genie who thought of putting such words in the mouth of the highest ranking public official in the country? And for heaven’s sake, what made the speech reader own such an off-the-ground speech?!

Just for the record, in the past, there were not one but two Edsa people’s uprisings that toppled no less two governments. In the present, there are the strikes, marches, walk-outs and the like taking place here and there for this and that economic curse, this and that social debacle. This is to say nothing about the protest and rallies that precisely accompanied the supernal rhetoric of the one primarily tasked to govern the nation. Numbness? Blasé? Apathy? Come on!

While possibly not altogether true, it is neither altogether false that there is reason to take seriously some of the lamentations made by people here and there: There are less hungry people now because many already died of hunger. There is less criminality now because most of criminals are rich and powerful. There are less graft and corruption now because those guilty of them have become experts in their trade and industry. There are less and less demands on and expectations from the government because it is perceived as incompetent and indolent. For those who know no better and /or do not know, the above realities do not really cause apathy but anger, not resignation but dissent.

If Malacañang really wants to know what is its “greatest achievement” it’s the following at a nutshell: It taught people not to take the present government seriously. It gave people a lot of materials for ridicule and gossip about the national leadership. It made majority of the electorate realize that after all, they are not always right.

As many say: The joke is on us!

15 July 2011