Monday, July 18, 2011


IN its common understanding, a boomerang is a hard material which when thrown away, makes the round and goes back to the thrower. And in its ordinary implication, a boomerang means something that backfires, that returns and causes a backlash. It is the same as spitting at heaven. The sputum simply falls back at the spatter.

This is exactly the picture and the reality when MalacaƱang and its cohorts recently attempted to undermine the CBCP that is their headache by strongly countering their amoral options and sinister designs. They want the CBCP to play blind, deaf and dumb about their corporate distorted and well funded legislative agenda.

The Sex Bill. The Divorce Bill. The same Sex Marriage Bill. Instead of dignifying human sexuality, they want it seen as but meat in the market. Instead of promoting and protecting the sanctity of families, they want these undermined, desecrated and eventually destroyed. And, instead of respecting natural law about men and women, they want futilely abrogated.

And by no means have the Filipinos heard the last or seen everything in the attempt of the present administration to neutralize the CBCP, to make it a big joke, a national shame. Thus is it that there is the pending Church Taxation Bill meant to tax Filipino Catholics in particular, no less than four (4) times: One, direct tax. Two, indirect tax. Three, donor’s tax. Four, contributions’ tax odious and gross!

What’s next? Only the spinners around the national leadership know. The national leadership may somehow know but does not really understand it. This is the deadly cost of incompetence in governance. Electoral popularity is not enough. Catching mantras do not make things happen. Perorations do not effect change. Jokes about one’s peculiar personal life are shallow and vain. And how in the world can someone have the much needed “political will” in administering the affairs of the country when the subject party does not even have the will to stop smoking?!

It might be a little help to remind the known spinners as well as the one unfortunately spinned that the global church is more than 2,000 years old. Millions like them have become old, sick and fell dead. And the Church with her hierarchy remains up and about. In other words, it will definitely need much more than tyrants and emperors, kings and queens, dictators and presidents to undermine and/or vanish the church from the face of the world—the Philippines included.

Fools never learn!

18 July 2011