Friday, May 27, 2011

“Two children policy”

MALACAÑANG is bent on doing away with poverty in the country. Good! It has prepared a legislative vehicle for the purpose. Great! It is ready to spend billions to accomplish its design to propel the economic development of the country. Bravo!

How? Plain and simple! Do not allow babies to be born. Do not allow wives to become mothers. Do not allow husbands to be fathers. Get rid of people for the lesser they are, the better. The food on the table is not enough to feed the children around it. Solution: Lessen the children instead of making the food more. The houses available are few and/ or small to accommodate families. Solution: Make the families smaller or fewer instead of multiplying and/or enlarging houses.

This is all that Malacañang knows and understands about people: The lesser in number, the better. The lesser people eat, the more food there is. The lesser people are housed, the more houses there are. The better Filipinos there are, the better Philippines there is.

Never mind the truth that people are capital for trade and industry. It does not matter that people mean productive labor and beneficial employment. So what if children are potential productive workers or efficient managers, if they stand for future professionals and experts, if they are thus the ultimate resources for the socio-economic development of the country.

Without saying much less knowing it, Malacañang is aiming for a deadly inverted pyramid of people as to their age with health implications. The natural and sound pyramidal structure of people is that the many young ones are at the base in support of the few elderly in top thereof. But Malacañang is now doing the exactly the unsound and dangerous opposite, viz., the pyramid is upside-down. Its base is on top and made up of many old people. Its tip at the base are composed of few young people “carrying”—supporting and providing for—the many elderly on top of them. In simple words, this is the phenomenon of an “old” or “aging” society. And this is precisely the reason why countries in such a predicament are importing people to man their factories, to build their structures, to care for their elderly and to attend to many other agenda.

Recently someone advocated the old and tiring maxim of population control. When a couple has but two children, they are awarded with this and that privilege. Question: What about couples who have no children? Are condo units and other perks waiting for them? Cute!


27 May 2011