Monday, May 02, 2011

Promiscuity. Irresponsibility. Amorality

NO. This is certainly not but rhetoric poetry as the title might insinuate—but a downright hard-hitting reality. Yes. This is about the now infamous “Reproductive Health Bill” that is seriously dividing the Filipino people—courtesy of the Malacañang occupant and his friends. By the way, the Bill is a mighty big misnomer if not a deliberate deceit. Reasons: It is definitely not “Reproductive” whereas it categorically hates reproduction. And neither is it about “Health” because it precisely causes the implantation of potential of sickness on account of the chemical component of contraceptives in forms of pills and injections. These are even topped by the fact that there are contraceptives that in effect lead to nothing less than abortion according to medical experts.

The Bill promotes promiscuity. Its guarantees the singular pleasure of repeated consummate copulations with neither attention to its consequences nor reservation about its import on the human dignity of those concerned. It strongly and continuously forwards copulative invitation without the least attention to the possibility of conception. If offers the continuous invitation to promiscuous sexual escapades not only among couples but also among “lovers”, inclusive of young people in terms of fornication. Furthermore, it encourages married couples to veritable adultery.

The Bill encourages irresponsibility. Sexually enjoy yourselves with anybody, at any time, at any place. Have all the sexual pleasure you can get from others, in any way and by all means. Absolutely no need to worry about any responsibility that copulations bring as matter of course in the order of nature. Never mind the many and serious unethical accompaniments when adults and young people engage in sexual acts unlimited. Reasons: Contraceptives supposedly “bought” by the government yet actually funded by taxpayers’ money are given away “gratis et amore”

The Bill forwards amorality. The intrinsic distinction between right and wrong, the inherent difference between good and evil—all these realities of long standing rule among all peoples of sound reason and good will are ably neutralized by the Bill. There is no more humanity in sexuality—simply instinct and self-indulgence. Strange but true: Even animals do not use contraceptives! Yet, they do not over-populate the earth. The spirit of the Bill does anything but inculcate the significance of ethics and morals as fundamental elements of just proper social life.

One again with feeling: The Bill does not enhance but debase human nature, erases human accountability, inclusive of promoting the ridicule of even elementary human good manners and right conduct. Poor Philippines!


2 May 2011