Friday, May 13, 2011

Painful yet truthful

“PHILIPPINE POLITICS—the way it is practiced—is possible the biggest bane in our life as a nation and the most pernicious obstacle to our achieving full human development.”

Above is an admittedly strong indictment of practical politics in the country. The evaluative pronouncement was not made by these or those revels or ideologues. It was neither owned by these and those over idealistic individuals living in “Cloud 9”. Much less did it come from those who had nothing better to do and/or to say. Here is the source: CBCP Pastoral Exhortation on Philippine Politics, 16 September 1997.

It is but right and proper to take note of the following observations for a better understanding of the above-cited formal and official written statement from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines:

First, it expressly spoke of Philippine politics in practice. The CBCP wherefore subscribes to the significance and import of politics per se as human agenda with both sublime nature and beneficial features. But the way politics is done and lived in the country, is exactly the opposite. This is not hard to understand: Politics by nature is altruistic, i.e., service to others. But practical Philippine politics is by and large egoistic and selfish, i.e., service to oneself, to one’s family and friends.

Second, it directly addressed Philippine politics—not necessarily Filipino politicians. In other words, there is much to censure in the way politics is done and observed in the country. But, just the same, ground reality says that a big number of Filipino politicians would find it a moral impossibility to become candidates for beatification, and much less for canonization. This is not difficult to understand: There is but a handful of politicians in the Philippine that have rightful claim to veracity and integrity.

Third, it was categorically made no less than more than a decade ago. Hence, it was thought of and written down no less that many years ago. In the past the statement was made and in the past it should remained. Would that this were the truth. But, in all sincerity and candor, it would be plain hypocrisy if not inanity to think that the censure has become irrelevant these days and time. This too is not daunting to understand: Just listen to non-government radio and TV stations and/or read independent newspaper to know what politics and politicians are doing to the country and its people.

Conclusion: The rebuke is painful but truthful.


13 MAY 20 2011