Wednesday, May 04, 2011


THERE was once a man named “Onan”. His older brother died. And in accord with the custom of that age, Onan married the woman widowed by his brother precisely in order to have children by her in memory of his deceased brother. However, whenever Onan engaged in marital sex with his wife, he repeatedly “spilled his seed (semen) on the ground.” Ona was accordingly sentenced to death by God for his “wickedness” (Genesis 38: 3-10). This is certainly not a fairy tale—but a historico-biblical phenomenon.

In these times, the errant deed is called “Onanism”. In these days, the obscene act is known as “Withdrawal”. In the text and context of the foul and shameful “Reproductive Health Bill”, the same detestable conduct is propagated as “Contraception”. Who then dare say with due knowledge and right conscience that the Bill is good and proper, right and just?

That is why: Woe to those who think that contraceptive practices are considered wrong only by old women ignorant of the requirements of modern Philippines, and thus unmindful of the population control imposed on Philippines society as a Third World country—forever! And woe to those feeling omnipotent national executives and omniscient legislators who think that the opposition of the Church against the RH bill is but based on religious sentiments and/or pious postures. And woe in particular to those many scattered and still multiplying religious denominations and sects in practically all nooks and corners of the country—that recently in marvelous unison shouted their support for the RH Bill in the same date, at the same time, with the same fervor!

These “Brothers and Sisters in Christ” by and large continuously and loudly claim that they have but one and only Book to base their faith or creed. Yet, strange to say, they seem to have forgotten the biblical character of Onan, just as they appear to have likewise forgotten the biblical misfortune of Onan. Whether this forgetfulness is but on account of human frailty or due to some considerations—this is not certain. But their loud shout of Mabuhay to RH Bill is rather strange, to say the least.

Oh, yes! This is a free country. The Filipinos are a free people. There is freedom in the Philippines as provided by the Constitution. But let us squarely face the essence and implications of freedom: Are Filipinos free to do what they like and what they want over and above what is right or wrong? Are Filipinos at liberty to act and behave independently of what is good or evil?

And is Onan their saint and patron for what he did and what God in turn did to him? Filipinos: Be real and true—please!


4 May 2011