Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Official admission

NOW it can be said with clarity and certainty. The once sanctimonious and pretentious national leadership together with its docile cohorts, now officially and openly admit its incapacity of undertaking socio-economic developmental ventures for the welfare of the Filipinos, for the redemption of the Philippines from poverty and misery. Their simplistic option and blatant decision is lessening the number of Filipinos to have a better Philippines.

Forgotten is the once proud and loud shout “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”. Now the maxim sounds “Kung walang ipapanganak, walang mahirap”. The over-all message being now assiduously shouted by MalacaƱang is not only dismaying but also insulting. Population is the enemy. Filipinos are the culprit. The lesser they are, the better. Don’t allow them to be born. And the country becomes a paradise.

It is neither difficult to know nor demanding to understand that the national economy—its productivity or misery—depends much on the kind of leadership a nation has. It is not really dependent merely on the number of people there are in a given country. That is why although China has a big population and Singapore has a small one, both however have progressively emerging economies in Asia. Instead of but the material number of people there is, it is the competent or the incapable, the dull or the intelligent leadership that makes the difference in the matter of a country enjoying affluence or suffering from destitution.

The Filipinos were few when the Spaniards came. They were then poor. The Filipinos were few when the Japanese came. They remained poor as well. The Filipinos were few when the Americans came. They stayed poor as before. And to these date and times, the Filipinos are still poor and continue to be a “Third World Country”.

Let there be a dedicated, not a laid-down national leadership. Let there be a wise, not a dull national government. Let there be a economically sagacious, not a guns-and-girls preoccupied MalacaƱang.

In others words: do away with a graft-and-corruption ridden government. Free the streets of hoodlums and criminals. Get rid of a dysfunctional justice system. Do remedial moves to lessen at least the foreign debt. Vanquish the disunity of ideology and dynasty. Undertake big capital investments especially in agriculture. Reconcile labor and capital for their greater productivity and mutual benefit. Hold on the reigns of economic development with decisiveness and creativity.

Otherwise, this country and its people are condemned to what they have been before, what they are now and what they will be: In command of destitution and in tenure of mendicancy.


25 May 2011