Monday, May 30, 2011

Danger. Disease. Disaster

TIME and again, long since to these days, loving parents and upright teachers are one in inculcating a noble and ennobling value system in children about sex. Human sexuality is sacred, noble and sublime. In this regard, the three fundamental truths they know and hold on are the following: One, God created the human person to His own Image. Two: God created the human person as a man or a woman. Three: God created man and woman with the option to become husband and wife for the generation and upbringing of children as their blessings and treasure.

In fact, a great number of parents and teachers who are neither Christians nor Catholics relate with their children with care and concern in the matter of sex. They too tell the famous fable of “The flower and the Bee” to impart the purity and beauty of human sexuality. Only the malicious, the deprave and the amoral fool around with sex among themselves, with others, their own children included. This is repugnant and unconscionable as it is not even civilized.

Thus comes to mind the SEX BILL 4244. Admittedly, it is very big costly cake with a good amount of attractive icing thereon. But in fact, it has poisonous ingredients. Woe to those who buy the cake. And worst for those who dare eat it, Reasons: The Bill grossly forwards the abominable lies that:

Sex is a danger. That is why men and women should be well protected against it precisely because sex is dangerous. Hence, there is that often repeated advertisement that they must first have “protection” before they take any “action”. Hence, the phrase “Safe Sex”.

Sex is a disease. That is why contraceptives are considered “essential medicines”. Only sickness and disease require medicines. And only a fatal sickness and only a mortal disease demand medicines as essential curative means. In other words, contraceptives are imperative in provision and use.

Sex is a disaster. That is why when engaged in by men and women according to its nature and natural consequences in terms of the possible birth of children, sex is a disaster. The birth of children is disastrous as they are the cause of poverty and misery. Without them, there will be the blessings of family prosperity and national development.

The over-all riders in this matter are the multinational pharmaceuticals manufacturing contraceptives. They are very concerned with Third World countries—not about the common good and welfare of the people but about the profits they will rake in. Plain and simple.


30 May 2011