Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Popularity contest

SAD but true, Philippine elections are by and large premised on but the popularity of the candidates—over and above any other attribution objectively required by effective governance and accordingly expected by the general public. This pathetic phenomenon has special relevance to the incumbent national leadership elected into the presidential office but some months ago. What is even more distressing in the instant case is that the popularity in question is not even earned by the public official concerned—but simply inherited, deservingly or otherwise.

As factual as the sun rises up and eventually sets down, the popularity herein under particular consideration is following exactly the same route. It was at its peak on the occasion of a burial prior to the national elections. The same popularity is now fast going down precisely on account of one too many questionable—juvenile—options and actions. While is it not yet true that these are already the times that try man’s soul in the country, it is nevertheless true that something smells pretty bad in the air.

This is exactly the problem when the popularity of an elected public official is slowly but surely eroded by incompetence in governance—notwithstanding all claims and pretensions to the contrary. As administrative competence becomes more established and pronounced in the course of effective governance, incompetence too becomes more conspicuous and evident as futile governance progressively comes to fore. What is truly deplorable in this disastrous situation is that its eventual victims are always the same, i.e., the people governed.

And this is exactly the markedly adverse socio-economic reality now obtaining in the Philippines—courtesy of an incompetent governance that cannot be salvaged by merely romantic anecdotes and jokes. In this gloomy situation, there is something that begs to be mentioned, no matter how depressing and woeful it is. This: The incompetence of a leadership cannot be reversed by the competence of its subordinates. Reason: Someone incompetent does not see much less realize and actualize competent advisories from his underlings.

Past government officials who engaged in reeking graft and corrupt practices remain free and happy. People are becoming even poorer and more miserable. Prices of basic commodities continue to rise while wages and salaries remain stagnant. Men and women remain the primary foreign means of livelihood of the government. Criminals are becoming more in number and audacity. “Drug mules” remain standing realities. Want to hear more?

6 April 2011