Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Child Abuse

RECENTLY there was some kind of a public uproar about a perceived abused child dancing wildly crying—beamed across the country through a national TV station. Its loud censure and downright condemnation were registered by this and that sector of society, all of which were appalled by their adjudged public and atrocious child abuse. Mass media was flooded by many and different protests from individuals as well as from this and that advocacy group. And rightly so. Social sensitivity has a proper place in social phenomena—be these inspiring or disheartening.

No. This is in no way meant to counter the registry of scandal and pain about the said event. Much less is this intended to absolve all those concerned in the TV production. As it is well said, let the axe fall where in should—in due time. The truth of matter is that the issue has reached the proper civic forum and public office for its eventual resolution in terms of absolution or punishment in cash and /or in kind. One thing is certain: Child abuse of whatever kind and degree has no place in civilized society.

But yes, this is intended to raise precisely the issue of flagrant and gross child abuses in the country that have been long existent and persistent—abuses of children which can be considered a hundred and one percent more serious and atrocious than the above cited recent TV phenomenon. Yes. This is meant to ask the question why is it that things seem to be “all quiet in the Western front” when other really abominable and punishable forms of child abuses have been long and openly on-going in Philippine society? Why are those concerted voices and actions directed at doing away with but a single moral malady and social atrocity?

Child Prostitution. Child Pornography. Child Labor. These are some odious and obvious forms of veritable child abuse. It would only be the blind and deaf, the mute and dumb who would dare say that these vile realities are non-existent in Philippine society. All of these forms and manners of abuse trample upon the innocence and helplessness of children—not to mention the desecration of their intrinsic human dignity and violation of basic human rights. One thing is certain: Children thus abused grow up with confused socio-affective traits, disoriented personality constitutions—if not one form or another of antisocial personality disorder. Translation: said children remain lifetime victims of the abuses perpetuated on them. They usually bring the trauma to their death bed.

Conclusion: Calling all those incensed by but some TV moments about but one child. There are good number of abused children begging for their attention and concern. Help!


27 April 2011