Friday, March 18, 2011


For some years to this date, the Philippine government, one after another, has been looking at the Filipino population as a commodity for sale – “deployment” is the political correct word – to the highest bidding foreign country. This posture is perceived as a big blessing, a great advantage to the Philippines. And rightly so: The land as been long since made economically afloat through OFW remittances – the “New Heroes” is the deceptive phrase used to humor them. This stance thereby kept the government over and above the imperative of developing its own industry and agriculture. This shallow policy and lucrative practice in effect even brought to fore the infamous thought of the previous government about making and selling “Super Maids” to foreign households.

Foreign capital is not attracted to invest their industrial capital in the Country on account of corruption in the bureaucracy, not to mention the repeated travel bands issued by different foreign countries as well. The Philippine government itself just watched vast agriculture land converted into golf courses plus housing projects. The building of farm to market roads basically remained on paper. The matter of having storage facilities has been long unheard. This not to mention the then much acclaimed fertilizer. Instead, there as the “fertilizer scam” and how! And there was also the much publicized and supposedly impressive project titled “Quedancor”. The money is gone. The project is out. Why? Certain public officials pigged on it.

It is not a secret that the Filipino workers are sellable. They are capable and intelligent. They are capable as well as dependable. Result: OFWs are all over the world – aside from the multi-millions there are in the Middle East. There must be rather few Countries in the globe not reached by OFWs. But this is precisely the problem now: they come home and others are also heading for home. Now what?

Mind sets appear to be unchanged – even under the present government. Upon reaching home, these are what they get: One, a hat and some food packs. Two, some pesos to live by. Three, assurance that the administration is busy looking for countries willing to have them. Translation: Welcome! Rest for a while. Go away soon - - please! Meantime, the incumbent administration thinks it is doing well, it is serving the people of the Philippines, it deserves a big pat at the back.

But meantime, the vicious circle goes on. Workers still remain for sale. Their government continues to feeds on them. The People of the Philippines however is still wallowing in poverty and misery – needless to say.

14 MARCH 2011