Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Philippine Cottage Industry

THIS is admittedly a sad insight, a pitiful perception. The country with all its arable lands, water resources plus abundant sun, has been long sincerely engaged in importing such a basic commodity as rice. On the other hand, its past and present government have also perpetuated the exportation of Filipino workers as OFWs—no matter really where and how—all over the globe. Hence, in the event that there is a nation in any part of the globe that has no Filipino workers of one kind or another—this is a big exception.

In other words, the government made the Filipinos and Filipinas concerned as nothing more than a cottage industry. Oh, yes! For consolation, they are called “Bagong Bayani”. The fact however is that they are looked upon neither as “bago” nor as “bayani”. Reason: They constitute a long standing phenomenon and wherefore not in anyway “bago”. They are considered but as working cogs and profitable means, and therefore not “heroes” really. There is furthermore the despicable as but illegal “drug mules” and treated accordingly.

Never mind if they leave their families behind, if they do not see much less personally care for their growing children—on proviso only that they can earn abroad and financially support them at home. Never mind as well when the countries they go to for work look down on them as honest to goodness servants—that is but one step above slavery. Never mind too in the event that they are considered but as tools of trade and industry. All these are pathetic factors for the OFWs in general whereas all of such demeaning perceptions and pursuant actuations are basically anti-human, viz., anti-human dignity and wherefore also anti-human rights.

On account of the socio-political disorders taking place in the middle East and North Africa plus the natural disasters that hit Japan hard, a good number of the OFWs are back home. But there is no work here and poverty is all around. This is why the recourse being assiduously entertained and acted upon by the government is to look for work on their behalf. Never mind where. Never mind too at what costs to them. The over-all consideration is to get them out of the country and to make them dollar remitters to fund not only their families but the Philippines as well.

Meantime, the national leadership is busy appearing busy, changing expensive cars one after the other, engaging in but speeches here and there, not to mention the public privacy of romantic ventures. This is not to mention the reality that graft and corrupt practices remain the spectacle in the country, poverty is still all around, and people in general are still waiting for much more than merely the disappearance of Wang-Wang.

30 MARCH 2011