Monday, March 14, 2011


On the occasion of the magnitude 8.9 earthquakes that hit Japan and leave the Country ravaged, had people killed and has its economy devastated, it is expected that there are certain individuals who will speak and engage in a good amount of prophecies of doom. There will be some characters who might even wear curious clothing with proper face looks, and predict the fearful events of the days ahead – infallibly predicting the when and how of the end of the world. And this is certainly not the first time that such a public scenarios come to fore. Philippine history is the witness to this periodic curious if fore the necessity and practicality of the Church in the matter – as squarely premised in the Sacred Scriptures according to the clear and plain teaching of Christ Himself:

One: As the world has a beginning, it also has an end. In other words, the end of the world is a certainly. And therewith go the end of nature and the environment, the final curtain fall for humanity included. The end of the world is a certitude – with or without harmful biotechnology ventures, with or without climate changed and other assault at nature.

Two: The end of the world is only known to the Father Who was precisely the One who brought nature into existence and humanity to life. In other words, when exactly the end of the world will happen, is categorically unknown to everybody else. Hence, if certain individuals, some characters say that they know when, the truth is definitely not with them.

Three: Men and women in general, but specially the wealthy and powerful, the criminals and thieves, the practitioners of graft and corruption, would help themselves if they “Repent and believe in the Gospel” – as personally told to and heard by each one of those who presence the Ash Wednesday liturgy. Fires and floods, earthquakes and tsunami – and many other catastrophic events – are but reminders for people to repent, to be just, and to live right.

Specifically in this Country, the “Lahar” phenomenon, the “Ondoy” event, the big fires – the Maguindanao Massacre included – all these and other human tragedies carry the same message for those who want to hears: Do repentance and make amends because you do not now know when your life will be taken away, when end of the world will take place. Human death and world end are unstoppable eventualities.