Monday, March 07, 2011


A lie by any other name remains a lie. Deception. Falsification. Prevarication. Invention. Misrepresentation. All these and other impressive variance of the same reality still say one and the same thing: Lie. Perhaps – just perhaps – it might help those present in the Senate hearings and the general public witnessing the proceedings, to better understand what has been really going on there for some time when the so called “Resource Persons” as put to task by answering direct and clear questions addressed to them – either by telling lies or invoking this or that right. Incidentally, there is no right to lie.

The very first thing that comes to mind and begs for understanding is that lying is a hard option a difficult recourse – precisely when the liar knows the truth not only sublime human reason but also base human instinct inherent to the persons concerned, go against the nature and intent of lying. Reason: Lie disturbs the liar just as truth pacifies him or her. In other words, when someone lies, the same subject agent in fact counters his or her own personal knowledge, attempts to deaden his or her own conscience. All these bring neither peace and/or pride, nor joy or fun to the liar.

Then there is the signal and relevant injunction that liars better have good memory –under pain of eventual self-contradiction in the course of time. In other words, telling lies and knowing the truth is a fatal pairing. This is why liars are said to have selective amnesia which is not only offensive to mental health but also destructive of honor and dignity. Thus it is that lying is not just difficult but also self-demeaning whereas it is self-contradicting.

Furthermore, there is the revealing facial expression, the betraying body language and pursuant deportment of a liar. For one reason or another, while someone is decided to lie, his or her other features however betray the him or her. This is because lying is that even chronic liars are eventually fallen by their own lies. The truth is that even the so called “white lies” are a discomfort to their “innocent” agents.

The over-all lesson in the phenomenon of telling lies contrary to known truths is basically one: Pitiful liars! No, this is not meant to leave them alone, much less to overlook the truth. It merely says that in the last analysis, liars victimize their own selves by exposing themselves to ridicule and in effect inviting pursuant sanctions. So goes the time and again proven affirmation: “The truth shall set you free”. Thus is it that liars are chained by their own perpetrated deceit, are brought to bondage by own choice to lie. Hence: Pitiful liars!

07 MARCH 2011