Wednesday, March 09, 2011


It is not really an improbability that the incumbent administration with its known and secret allies in the present Legislative Department, well go down in Philippines history as the subtle but ardent enemy of the people – more concretely in its disdain if not hatred for the Filipino population. This may sound too radical and wherefore could be saddled with but fertile imagination if not downright fantasy.

How could the public officials concerned be against population when they are in fact counted among them because their own parents did not prevent their conception nor procure their abortion? Why would the government be the enemy of population when a good number of them are sadly looked upon as but chattel to offer and deploy for foreign employment? And is it not true OFWs who precisely form part of the Filipino population?

It appears that the present government has adopted the following posture: There is much poverty and misery in the Country due to population. There is hardly any work or employment in the Philippines on account of population. There are too much dissent, so many complaints, too many criminals, too much drug trade in the Country because of population.

Conclusion: Population is the cause of the socio-economic liabilities of the Philippines. Population is the impediment to national progress and development. Population is a curse to the Country. Population has to be depleted much if not actually done away with. Any way and all means to stop natural population up and down in growth and depletion – merely seen in terms of mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, heads to shelter – are not only in order but also imperative.

But then someone repeatedly and emphatically proclaimed as an pre-election mantra: “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!” Translation: Corruption - - not population - - is the cause of poverty in the Country. But during this post-election scenario, the song sung seems to have changed in tune and content: “Walang marihap, kung walang tao, higit sa lahat!”

Meantime, while the fight against population is on, the drive against corruption is on hold – just like the well-advertised “Truth Commission” long since sent to limbo by the competent Court in the land. And there is really no decisive and evident effort on the part of the Executive Department to pursue to finality of the “Commission” through many other possible ways and means at its command. Poor People of the Philippines.

9 MARCH 2011