Monday, March 28, 2011


More than but engaging in mental gymnastics, it is but right and proper to think and reflect upon the significance and import of the lateral connection between conception and abortion. No. They are not necessarily interlinked. Yes. Reason says they are easily intertwined. How? There are two key parings thereof: Anti-Conception and Pro-Abortion and Pro-Conception and Anti-Abortion. Once more with emphasis: Neither of the two parings is ground reality – but one logically or assumes the other.

In other words, it is probable that those who are anti-conception are also pro-abortion, and that those pro-conception are likewise anti-conception. In its wherefore rather improvable that those who are anti-conception would also be anti-abortion, and those who are pro-conception would likewise be pro-abortion. Thus stands the danger of the so called “RH BILL” which their leading proponents insist that it is intended to stop conception but definitely not intending to promote abortion.

The truth of the matter is that even without the RH BILL officially approved yet but with the unofficial proliferation of contraceptive means in the Country – particularly in Metro Manila – the fact rests that there are more and more abortions going on. Otherwise, those concerned would have to close their eyes and/or ears about this and that fetus simply thrown and thereby found here and there. And their number is becoming more – not less. This is saying nothing about early abortions made on early conceptions wherein the human beings conceived are still small in size and easier to dispose of through many possible means, in many possible ways.

Such proposition as the RH BILL does not only make human beings as enemies but also makes human persons unwelcome. In one way or another, this is in substance the same phenomenon taking place during wars, massacres and other anti-life criminal ventures. No wonder that the said Bill is much unwelcome even if only for the reason that it is basically anti-human life. And there is the standing truth that man is the “darling of creation”, and that anything and everything on earth and in the heavens cannot but be pro-man. The moment, human beings are trampled upon from their conception to their demise, then such inherently invaluable realities as human life, human dignity and human life become but words – empty words.

There is definitely much more at stake in the RH BILL than merely depopulating the Country. It is also demanding the emergence human life itself. With such an intent and consequent plan, what is there that remains intrinsically valuable and thereby inherently respectable?

28 MARCH 2011