Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Beggars cannot be choosers"

Sad but true. Those who simply beg are in no position to dictate what they want or do not. They are wherefore at the mercy of those who have something to give, who want to give away something - for various reasons: The givers have too much of what they have, and will be happy to get rid of their unwanted surplus. The givers have something they have no real need of, and will be pleased to give it away specially to those who beg for it. The givers are giving something to get something else in return such that they are not really givers but takers in-fact.

Such is the persisting problem of poor Philippines that other Countries look down upon as a persistent beggar. The misery of the Filipinos is what precisely makes the said Countries haughty in their abundance, triumphant for their resources, depreciative of Philippine sovereignty. On the other hand, there is the Philippine government that has long since betrayed the legitimate pride of the skilled and competent, industrious and dedicated Filipino workers. The base reality and naked truth is that their own government has become dependent on remittances from the Filipino working class abroad to keep the Philippines economically afloat.

And there is precisely the over-all pitiful picture of the now world known overseas Filipino worker (OFW): They are ready and willing to go whenever and whenever in the globe to find jobs anywhere, anyhow. They are likewise ready and willing to face the presence of all kinds of danger, even the possibility of foreign slavery of one kind or another. They are even ready and willing to leave their families paradoxically in order to take care of their standing needs and prepare for their future – with particular concern for their children and elders.

More. In the middle East where OFMs are employed by the thousands, and where they are presently in fatal danger on account of the violent unrests in the Countries concerned, the following living realities are worth taking into serious account: One, there is the Philippine government that leaves no stone unturned to send Filipino workers abroad fast and easy in view of their precious remittances. Two, there is the same Philippine government that is slow and reluctant in bringing them back home for their safety and peace of mind. Three, there are the spouses and children who are deeply worried about the life and limbs of OFW, and who are disappointed and disgusted with the foot-dragging of exactly the same Philippine government.

This is not to mention the other thousands of OFWs here and there in Asia where they are looked down upon although they work well and hard. Reason: The Philippine government again!

02 MARCH 2011